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ELI more than just a kitten with ambition to go on a mission

A cat lover’s book, a poetry lover's book, and a fantasy lover’s book all rolled into one fascinating and fun to read adventure novel. This uniquely written story is sure to entertain you from start to finish.


Eli, a kitten with a mission, sets out to do one simple task, locate the dogs that have infiltrated his pristine Catland and report their location to the Monarch’s army. Sound simple enough, after all, every cat is born with Cat Above given abilities such as seeing in the dark and sneaking around undercover.

But Eli has never met a dog before because he comes from a land of cats ruled by Mother Nature, Father Time, and their four offspring—Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn. In his land, the divine eco rulers love peace, harmony and everything working together in a symbiotic relationship. Even the trolls and wild hogs of Catland cannot compare to the chaos of which these dogs are capable.

Eli faces a multitude of life-threatening situations while his siblings work together with the Monarch’s army in expelling these evil trespassers.

But it’s through the confrontation of facing these dogs that something becomes clear to Eli, a simple concept that he and all of Catland’s citizens have taken for granted; acts of cruelty are outrageous, whereas, acts of kindness are contagious. However, what can one tiny frightened kitten do when faced with a large pack of ferocious cat-eating dogs and their massive fire-breathing dragon?